Instructing Educators in the Use of Assistive Technology Listening Devices in the Classroom

  •  Abdullah Alodail    


The present study will present Kemp’s design in the classroom setting for students with hearing impairments. Based on his model, the researcher will design various instructional methods of how to teach students with hearing aids in the school, focusing on the instruction of English to America K-12 students. The study will also include a list of assistive technology devices that can be used by students with hearing problems. Assistive technology listening derives have already played an important role in students’ learning environments. Improvements and developments have been made in using hearing aids and FM systems in the classroom, particularly for those with hearing impairments. Taking the improvement into account researcher argues that assistive technology listening devices play an essential role between teachers and students in learning environments by giving both sides opportunities access information that otherwise would be unavailable.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.