An Analysis on Academicians Job Satisfaction in the Perspective of HRD Practices

  •  Choi Long    
  •  Sia Xuan    
  •  Wan Ismail    
  •  Siti Abd Rasid    
  •  Tan Kowang    


This paper examines the relationship between human resource development (HRD) practices and employees’ job satisfaction. This study is conducted at a public university in Malaysia. A total of 95 questionnaires were collected out of 1110 distributed, indicating an 8.5% rate of return. All respondents were academic staff of the university. Four HRD practices which are examined, including i) Training and development, ii) Organization development, iii) Career development and iv) Performance management. The results show that all HRD practices are significantly related to job satisfaction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.