Social Growth Problems Experienced by First-Grade Students at Bseera District, Jordan

  •  Atif Alrfooh    


This study aims at exploring the problems of social growth experienced by students, and as recognized by teachers at “Bseera”, Jordan. The study sample consisted of (88) male and female students from first-grade in the public schools in Bseera/governorate of Tafila/Jordan 2009/2010. The researcher has developed a questionnaire which consists of (23) paragraphs, while four-graded standard has been chosen to questions related to social problems. The results showed that the most important problems experienced by students are (need of help to do something) then (encroach upon the property of his colleagues) and then (have no relationships with adults) and (does not care about the completion of the required work). The results also showed that there were statistically significant differences due to the school where the student is being taught, and there were statistically significant differences between males and females in favor of females. The study did not show any statistically significant differences due to variables of the mothers and fathers educational level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.