Effects of Students’ Approaches to Learning on Performance in Two Pedagogical Environments

  •  Varughese Varughese    
  •  Heather Fehring    


This paper investigates various approaches to learning and their effect on performance of a cohort of international students in two different pedagogical environments. The effect of approaches to learning on performance was determined by using Cohen’s d with Hedges g correction. Coe’s spread sheet was used for the purpose. The study showed that the magnitude of difference in the effect of approaches of learning on performance varied from very small to medium. Teaching international students from diverse educational, linguistic and cultural backgrounds is a complex task. Students from different cultural backgrounds tend to exhibit greater diversity in their approaches to learning. Appropriate teaching strategies are suggested to use to enhance the learning process of international students. An understanding about the magnitude of difference in performance of students with various approaches of learning helps to optimize the learning environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.