Psychometric Analysis of Role Conflict and Ambiguity Scales in Academia

  •  Anwar Khan    
  •  Rosman Yusoff    
  •  Muhammad Khan    
  •  Muhammad Yasir    
  •  Faisal Khan    


A comprehensive Psychometric Analysis of Rizzo et al.’s (1970) Role Conflict & Ambiguity (RCA) scales were performed after its distribution among 600 academic staff working in six universities of Pakistan. The reliability analysis includes calculation of Cronbach Alpha Coefficients and Inter-Items statistics, whereas validity was determined by running Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analyses. The reliability analysis revealed that RCA scales possessed sufficient internal consistencies, i.e. (??= 0.85 & r= 0.61). On the other side, Factor Analysis revealed that mean factor loadings for all items ranged up to 0.85, which resulted in three-factor model fit for role conflict and two-factor model fit for role ambiguity. The overall results confirm that RCA scales possess good psychometric properties, thus it could used for assessment of role conflict and ambiguity among academic staff in Pakistan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.