The Degree of Applying the Theoretical Frameworks of Child-Raising Speciall Courses in the Field of Training among the Female Students of Princess Alia University College

  •  Mashhour Tweeikat    
  •  Muhammad AL-Kaddah    


This paper aims at studying to what extent the female students in Child Education department at Princess Alia University College manage to apply the theoretical part in field training program. The data, which is the scope of this study, consists of 42 staff members and 36 educational supervisors responsible for the program. The two researchers have developed their own approach which is based on the main objects of the program and the theoretical literature used in child education department. The results have shown distinguished differences in statistics which reflect a deeper difference between the two points of view of the members of staff and educational supervisors. However, both parties agree on professional qualities. Qualities related to management of educational processes were given priority by the two parties while developing processes came later. Based on these results, the researchers provide a number of recommendations related to the main theme of this paper.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.