Transformational, Transactional Leadership Styles and Job Performance of Academic Leaders

  •  Maryam Mahdinezhad    
  •  Turiman Bin Suandi    
  •  Abu Daud bin Silong    
  •  Zoharah Binti Omar    


In higher learning education, the performance is influenced by many factors. Effective leadership has an imperative role in the better performance and growth of the organization. Yet, several performance efforts were unsuccessful as a result of factors such as satisfactory leadership style of leaders. This study was carried out to identify the effect of styles of leadership on job performance. The assumed leadership styles are transactional and transformational. The research inspected the association between transactional (contingent rewards) and transformational styles of leadership influenced performance of academic leaders. The findings of this study would be useful for academic leaders. It is mainly aimed to increase the effectiveness of higher learning institution; therefore, they adopt leadership style that refines abilities of academic leaders and assists them to attain profit performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.