The Impact of Using SMS as Learning Support Tool on Students’ Learning

  •  Al-Mothana M. Gasaymeh    
  •  Osamah M. Aldalalah    


This study aimed to investigate the impact of using Short Message Service (SMS) as learning support tool on students’ learning in an introductory programming course. In addition, the study examined students’ perceptions of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of SMS as a learning support tool in their class. The participants in this study were 52 students who were enrolled in two sections introductory programming course. For the purpose of the study, nonrandomized control group, pretest–posttest and qualitative interview designs were used. The control group consisted from 23 students, while the experimental one consisted from 29 students. A total number of 36 SMS messages were sent to each student, in the SMS group, over a period of 12 weeks. The messages contained different types of information, i.e. short review of programming concepts, hints to solve assignments, and triggering questions. At the end of the experiment, semi-structured interviews were conducted with ten students from the SMS group. The analysis of the collected data showed that the use of SMS as learning support tool contributed significantly in improving students’ learning. All the interviewed students believed that the use of SMS technology as learning support tool has more advantages than disadvantages. Based on the findings, this study provided some recommendations regarding the implementation of the SMS in the Jordanian higher education settings.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.