Students’ Perspectives on University Experiences; The Role of Protective Factors in Students’ Lives

  •  Malek Jdaitawi    
  •  Maya Panorama    
  •  Ahmad Nawafleh    
  •  Ismaeel Nabrawi    
  •  Feras Talafha    
  •  Amani Mohd    


This study examined the relationship between protective factors and students’ university experiences among 289 first year university students. The study made use of exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses to reveal initial support for the research variables. In addition, path analysis was utilized to investigate the relationship among the variables. The moderating effects of the variables were tested simultaneously, through multi-group analysis of Structural Equation Modeling. The final part of the study discussed the empirical findings and their implications.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.