Choosing Teaching Profession as a Career: Students’ Reasons

  •  Aydin Balyer    
  •  Kenan Özcan    


The success of educational change inevitably depends on the quality and performance of teachers. Therefore, the importance of employing high quality teachers is crucial for educational systems. Choosing talented and committed brains to teaching career depends on making it an attractive profession. It is considered that there are some reasons why student teachers choose teaching as a career. Many studies reveal that while some students choose this profession with altruistic-intrinsic and extrinsic reasons, some others choose it under the influence of others. This study aims to determine for what reasons student teachers choose teaching profession as a career. The study was carried out quantitively and 1410 student teachers participated in this research. Results revealed that students chose teaching mostly with altruistic-intrinsic reasons. In this respect, while the female students chose it with altruistic-intrinsic reasons, the students from poor and crowded families and the male counterparts chose it with extrinsic reasons.

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