The Implementation of The n-term Formula to Improve Student Ability in Determining the Rules of a Numeric Sequence

  •  Akhsanul In’am    
  •  Siti Hajar    


A good-quality teacher may determines a good-quality learning, thus good-quality students will be the results. In order to have a good-quality learning, a lot of strategies and methods can be adopted. The objective of this research is to improve students’ ability in determining the rules of a numeric sequence and analysing the effectiveness of the implementation of the n-term to determine the rule of a number. A research classroom method administered at the State Islamic Junior High School Malang-Indonesia is adopted. The results show that the implementation of the n term formula may improve the students’ ability in determining the numeric sequence in the State Islamic Junior High School Malang-Indonesia. Some suggestions are offered: a) observation of learning activities should always be made to obtain inputs on the implementation; b) learning innovations should always be made to base on facts obtained through observation; c) the results of this study may be used for reference for further development in learning numeric sequences that enable students to be more interested in studying mathematics.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.