The Relationship between Followership Style and Job Performance in Botswana Private Universities

  •  Christianah O. Oyetunji    


This paper describes the followership style and job performance in Botswana private universities. Attempt was made to determine if there is a significant relationship between followership styles in relation to job performance. A total of 102 randomly selected lecturers from the two private universities completed followership and job performance questionnaires. The data indicates that in Botswana private universities: (a) followership styles include passive, alienated, pragmatist and exemplary followership styles. The most common followership style among the lecturers is pragmatist followership style. (b) there is no relationship between exemplary, pragmatist and alienated followership styles and job performance; indicating low performance of lecturers who indicated these followership styles. (c) there is a high relationship between passive followership style and job performance; indicating high performance of lecturers who indicated this style of followership.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.