Ideal Careers Perceived by Education Major Undergraduates in Taiwan

  •  Hsuan-Fu Ho    


The higher educational institutions produce several times as many college graduates each year as there are jobs available recently in Taiwan. This coupled with the deep recession of economy in recent years have contributed to the intensified competition for jobs. The fierce unemployment among young people has revived the demand on the contribution of educational system to the employability of college graduates. Since exploring how students define an ideal job is a prerequisite for guiding them get a job that better matches their skills and desires, this research is thus endeavored to identify the major determinants of career selection, to calculate the relative importance of each determinant, and to decide the major strengths of different careers. AHP was adopted as the major tool for calculating the relative importance of the determinants of career selection, Correspondence Analysis was used to create perceptual map for identifying major strengths of different careers. The results showed that Career Security and Retirement Policy were the most important determinants of job selection; moreover, students major in education preferred careers in public sectors such as public school teacher and government official.

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