Moral Values Education in Terms of Graduate University Students' Perspectives: A Jordanian Sample

  •  Amani Jarrar    


This study focuses on how moral values differ and vary according to variants such as education, culture, thoughts, religion, gender and family relations .It handles the issue of moral education in Jordan, from the perspective of graduate students in Petra University. Since we are facing new challenges in this era and region of the world, we are more affected by cultural and environmental effects that change our moral system. This ethical issue is highly important in a world where materialistic values are more pressing on our behavior. This study directly tackles Jordanian culture and mainly youth in universities, so that a specially tailored questionnaire was built to study the moral value educational system that Jordanian youth in private universities believe in, taking Petra University as a sample. This questionnaire covers all areas of morality and all issues dealing with ethical dilemmas, and their answers were analyzed according to certain dimensions that have to do with moral education, moral dilemmas, moral choice, moral crises, moral sensation, moral awareness, the awareness of right, and justice from the perspective of Jordanian graduate students. Many factors were being taken into consideration, especially the eastern, Muslim, Jordanian culture, the youth mentality affected by education, the Arab culture, information systems, and human rights issues. The study ends with a description of the moral value education system of graduates in Petra University as a special model of private universities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.