Weighting the Benefits of Part-Time Employment in College: Perspectives from Indigenous Undergraduates

  •  Chin-Fah Wang    
  •  Shan-Hua Chen    


Although many scholars assert that students’ job involvement is beneficial, there is no consensus on the effect of part-time employment taken by term-time undergraduates. Since more and more indigenous students are participating in part-time employment, and most of them are involved in disadvantaged jobs-longer hours, heavier workload, and smaller salaries, it is getting more important than ever to investigate the effects of their part-time job experiences. This study is thus endeavored to identify the major benefits of part-time jobs performed by indigenous college students, to determine the relative weights of each benefit, and to decide the most beneficial type of part-time job for indigenous college students. A self-developed questionnaire was constructed specifically for this research, and AHP was adopted as the major tool to calculate the relative weights of each benefit. Based on the research results, we highly suggest universities should improve their career counseling platforms, building cooperative relationships with term-time job employers, and offer career related classes to help indigenous students gain most from their off-campus working experiences.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.