The Level of Creative Abilities Dimensions According to Torrance Formal Test (B) and Their Relationship with Some Variables (Sex, Age, GPA)

  •  Habis Awamleh    
  •  Yacoub Al Farah    
  •  Ibrahim El-Zraigat    


This study aimed to identify the level of dimensions for creative abilities (originality, flexibility, originality, elaboration) among students in Al Rai Jordanian schools according to Torrance Formal test, and to investigate the differences in these levels attributable to the study variables (gender, age, grade point average “GPA”). The study sample consisted of (63) students: (31) males (32) females aged six, seven and eight from grades one, two and three attending the mentioned school for the academic year 2010-2011.The researchers used Torrance formal test form (b), calculated means, standard deviations and ANOVA, and used Schaffe’s test for posterior comparisons. The study indicated that most creative thinking skills (fluency, flexibility, and elaboration) scored a medium level while originality was at a low level, the presence of statistically significant differences in the dimensions of fluency and flexibility attributed to sex in favor of females, and also showed a statistically significant differences between the performance of students means on the Torrance Test due to the variables of age and in favor for (8 and 7) years old over those (6) years old.In addition, the researchers found statistically significant differences for the means of the sample performance on the test dimensions for the variable GPA in favor for those of GPA (70-85, and 85 and above). All of this clearly indicates the strong relation between the variables of (age, sex, and GPA) and the level of creative abilities dimension respectfully.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.