The Importance of Feedback in Relation to Doing Practical Teaching Exercises. Opinions Postgraduate Student School of Pedagogical and Technological Education Heraklio of Crete

  •  Iosif Fragoulis    
  •  Elli Diamantaki    


In this essay are introduced the aspects of scholars of the Annual Programme of Pedagogical Training of ASPAITE in Iraklio of Crete in relation to feedback they receive by their teachers and their co-scholars during the pragmatic teaching exercises. In the 1st part of our essay, the meaning of feedback during the P.T.E. is analyzed. It is presented the operational framework of P.T.E. and is described the methodology of their realization. In the 2nd part of the essay, the research transaction methodology is described. In particular, are presented the aim, the research queries, the sample population, the restrictions as well as the tool of collecting data. In the 3rd part of the essay, the most significant results and conclusions are presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.