Innovative Second Language Speaking Practice with Interactive Videos in a Rich Internet Application Environment

  •  Juan A. Pereira    
  •  Silvia Sanz-Santamaría    
  •  Raúl Montero    
  •  Julián Gutiérrez    


Attaining a satisfactory level of oral communication in a second language is a laborious process. In this action research paper we describe a new method applied through the use of interactive videos and the Babelium Project Rich Internet Application (RIA), which allows students to practice speaking skills through a variety of exercises. We present an experience with a number of interactive video exercises used in a real world scenario with nearly 100 students of English as a Second Language at a Spanish university. The use of interactive videos with the Babelium application has allowed our students to record their voices and faces (using microphones and webcams) and to be weekly evaluated according to a set of defined oral evaluation criteria. Based on the results of a survey conducted at the end of the semester, we demonstrate that the students involved in this research experiment have significantly increased the number of hours devoted to speaking practice comparing to the methods used in previous years. Finally, this paper suggests new types of interactive video-based exercises to further improve the outcome of the speaking practice with the help of the Babelium Project application.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.