An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Students’ Adjustment at a University in Zimbabwe

  •  Mutambara Julia    
  •  Bhebe Veni    


This study provides insight into transition experiences and adjustment of students at a university in Zimbabwe. Research was based on students in the first three semesters of college. Based on prior research college adjustment was conceptualised in this study as involving personal, emotional, social and academic issues. The study was qualitative in nature and the descriptive research design using case study method was used. Structured and unstructured questionnaires were used to gather information. A sample of 115 students was selected using stratified random sampling from the faculty of social sciences. Findings from the study revealed that to a larger extent students were failing to adjust to college demands, this was compounded by the socioeconomic conditions prevailing in Zimbabwe.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.