Awareness of the Faculty Members at Al-Balqa` Applied University to the Concept of Time Management and Its Relation to Some Variables

  •  Raed Sabha    
  •  Jamal Al-Assaf    


The study aims to investigate how extent is the time management awareness of the faculty members of the Al-Balqa` Applied university, and its relation to some variables. The study conducted on (150) teachers were selected randomly. For achieving the study goals an appropriate instrument has been built up based on the educational literature and former studies.
The study has found out that the teachers’ awareness were “good”, where the planning awareness was the highest, and the execution one was the lowest, also the role of the time management in career life was more visible than the personal life.
The study also found out that the variables of the study have a weak impact on the teachers` time management awareness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.