Citizenship, Leisure and Gender Equality

  •  Lisbeth Lindström    


This article explores the relationship between gender, citizenship and leisure activities for youth. The purpose with the article is to describe, explore and discuss whether meeting places for youth such as youth clubs support their citizenship. Based on a case study of young people place, space and activities are explored and discussed from a gender perspective. To collect data, several study visits have been done during a six month period, involving visiting all of the youth clubs and similar meeting places as part of the case study. As a research method textual analysis of daily diaries written by youth leaders were used. The result of the case study shows firstly that these places are more attractive to boys than to girls. Secondly, they can be places for the development of youth citizenship. Thirdly, visitors are offered the opportunity of taking an active role in their own transition to citizenship.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.