WTO Members’ Commitments in Education Services

  •  Jian Xu    


The establishment of World Trade Organization is in line with the conclusion reached at the end of the     Uruguay Round in April 1994 by the bulk of the world’s trading nations. WTO is in charge of managing multilateral trading system. WTO’s “General Agreement on Trade in Services” (GATS) requires member nations to comply with the following basic rules: all member nations equally enjoy Most-Favored-Nation (MFN) treatment; enterprises of other member nations can enjoy equal treatment and market access in one member nation’s territory with its domestic enterprises. GATS includes the general agreement, annex and the schedules of commitments. Schedules of commitments is a sort of document which shows the obligations stimulated in the GATS about market access and national treatment that one WTO member nation will fulfill, or that the obligations that one WTO member nation hopes to be exempted from. When a WTO member nation makes a commitment, it has set legally the standards of market access and national treatment in its schedule of commitments, and will no longer introduce any other measures which will limit the market access and national treatment in trade in education services.

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