Attitudes of Princess Rahma College Students toward University Violence

  •  Khowla Ghoneem    


This study was conducted at the Princess Rahma University College, one of Al Balqa’ Applied University colleges and it aims to identify the attitudes of Princess Rahma College students have towards University Violence, by exploring different variables that vary from the level of violence (Low, medium or high), to gender (males or females), educational achievement (excellent, very good, good and satisfactory), academic year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior), as well as the type of degree and the financial status
The study sample consists of 242 students. There are 135 males and 107 females randomly chosen from different disciplines of the college. The (AL-Hendy) scale of 2007 for detecting University violence is used and the study consists of (18) paragraphs. The data is analyzed by using the Statistical Analysis Program (SPSS) which calculated the averages, standard deviations and (T) and (F) tests to answer the inquiries of the study.
The study concluded that the tendencies and inclinations of the students towards violence were low. There were statistical differences in the attitudes of the students because of the differences in gender, the differences in the level of educational achievements as well as differences in the academic year. While there were no statistical differences in the economical level or in the type of specializations.

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