Bi-lingual Newspaper as an Expression of a Fake Multicultural Educational Policy in Israel

  •  Lea Baratz    
  •  Roni Reingold    
  •  Hannah Abuhatzira    


The current paper analyzes a unique educational text that may be used to follow the educational policy of the State of Israel towards the community of Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia.

The text which was analyzed was a bi-lingual newspaper called Nugget News which is published under the sponsorship of the Israeli Ministry of Education, since 1999.

The analysis of the articles in the 59 issues of this newspaper was aimed to help us to reveal if there is a beginning of implementation of multicultural educational policy in Israel, or does the journalistic text express an explicit or implicit assimilation policy towards the immigrant community?

We discovered that the Nugget News newspaper acts according to the ideology of implicit assimilation of Ethiopian immigrant community by the State of Israel. Thus the newspaper is being used as an educational tool for promoting a fake multicultural policy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.