The Effectiveness of the School Performance, by Using the Total Quality Standards within the Education District of Al-Petra Province, from the Perspective of the Public Schools Principals and Teachers

  •  Ahmad Alobiedat    


This study aimed to detect the level of appreciation by the school principals, teachers and the Education District, for the effectiveness of school performance, within different variables of the study from the perspective of public school principals and teachers of Al-Petra province, for the academic year 2008/2009. The study aimed to answer the two questions: What is the level of the effectiveness of school performance by using the TQS in Al-Petra province public schools as perceived school principals, and teachers? The second question: Are there any significant differences to the level of the effectiveness of school performance by using the TQS as perceived by school principals, and teachers, attributed to variables: gender, educational credentials employment status, and experience?. The results of the study indicated that the implementation of educational technology came in the first place its probably due to the concern the Ministry of Education, also the study indicate that the level of utilizing strategies planning came to a medium degree in the last rank of the six dimensions this may be due to the fact that the practice of school administrators for planning still depends on improvisation sometimes or situational management, while there is significant difference attributable to the gender, it was in favor of males school principals in the area of school learning and school climate, it's probably due to the attention of male school administrators, finely the study indicated that there was no statistically significant difference due to the experience variable in all dimensions.

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