STEAM Learning Environment on Gamification System to Promote Innovators: A Bibliometric Analysis and Systematic Review

  •  Kitsadaporn Jantakun    
  •  Thada Jantakoon    
  •  Rukthin Laoha    


The STEAM learning environment with a gamification system has been found to promote innovators by enhancing creative thinking and innovation skills in students. It can engage and motivate students, making the course content come alive. The objective of this study is to provide an overview of the research conducted in the field of STEAM education with a focus on gamification, specifically examining studies published within the last six years. A bibliometric analysis and systematic reviews were performed to examine the trends in published literature on steam learning environment on gamification systems to promote innovators between the years 2018 and 2023. The retrieval of pertinent documents was conducted by employing keywords associated with “TITLE-ABS-KEY (“steam” AND “gamification” AND “innovation” AND “skill” AND “innovator” AND “learning environment” AND “ecosystem”)” in the title, abstract, and keywords of the documents. Consequently, a total of 5 documents were obtained from the Scopus database for the purpose of conducting bibliometric analysis and systematic review. The review examines the pattern of publication growth, identifies the papers with the highest citation counts, determines the primary sources of these articles, assesses the productivity of writers, analyzes the leading countries contributing to the field, and identifies the prominent subject areas within the research domain. Based on the results of our investigation, it can be concluded that Thailand exhibits the highest level of productivity in terms of publications and citations. Education and Information Technologies is widely recognized as the primary scholarly resource in its field. Through the co-occurrence of keywords analysis, we determined that the most significant keywords associated with steam learning environment on gamification systems to promote innovators are gamification, creative thinking, steam education, design thinking and digital learning ecosystem and so on. The computer science and social science domains have the highest number of published documents.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.