Development in Computer Curriculum in Saudi Arabia: Systematic Review

  •  Amal Alibrahim    
  •  Abeer Alrabiah    


This paper seeks to provide an overview of publications in Saudi Arabia in the field of computer curriculum in K-12. We applied a systematic review methodology to analyze publications through 2021. Out of 225 publications initially identified, 110 were included based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The findings show that the number of publications in the field of computer curriculum in K-12 increased until 2018 but started to decrease in 2019. In addition, computer curriculum research trends focused on the high school stage, followed by the intermediate stage, and most participants were teachers and students. Moreover, the qualitative approach was frequently used in empirical studies, while most methodologies were surveys and semi-experimental. The results show that most of the papers’ suggestions involved training teachers and developing the curriculum. Finally, the study presents some recommendations for computer curriculum research. It suggests developing a research center in the education ministry to encourage researching the curriculum and presents other suggestions in detail.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.