Instructional Management Through Project-Based Learning Combined with Collaborative Learning to Enhance Learning Achievement of Undergraduate Students

  •  Ajcharee Pimpimool    


Global citizenship should acknowledge various lessons in global education emphasizing learners as the global citizens. Teaching techniques integration that is suitable for contents and the nature of learners is considered as the heart of instructional management affecting students greatly in the 21st century. This study aims: 1) to determine the quality of the learning achievement test; 2) to compare the pre-test and post-test learning achievement of students through activities of the project-based learning (PjBL) combined with collaborative learning; and 3) to study student’s satisfaction toward PjBL activities. Research method includes 4 steps: 1) data study; 2) activity design; 3) tools creation; and 4) learning activity management. A questionnaire and a learning achievement test are implied as tools. The sample comprises 40 undergraduate students and 5 experts who are selected by the purposive sampling and have experienced teaching for more than 10 years from 4 higher education institutes. Data is analyzed with mean, standard deviation, and t-test. Results indicate that: 1) the learning achievement test that has been already qualified is a 5-choice, 65 items, which are a content validity and a whole reliability value of 0.912; 2) the post-test learning achievement is higher than the pre-test with a statistical significance level of .05; and 3) an overall student’s satisfaction is at the highest level (X= 4.72, SD = 0.33).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.