Competency Development of Early Childhood Teacher in the 21st Century

  •  Saksri Suebsing    
  •  Nithinath Udomsan    
  •  Supimol Bunphok    


The goal of this study is to help early childhood educators in the province of Roi Et develop their management skills for early childhood learning in the 21st century. Examples include the 100 early childhood Teachers in the province of Roi Et, research study materials like the Competency Manual on Learning Management and the 21st Century Early Childhood Competency, and tests. Mean and standard deviations are two statistics that were utilized to analyze the data. The findings indicated that early childhood teachers’ competency development involves five areas: content, technology, knowledge creation, communication, and creativity. The results were obtained utilizing percentage and t-test statistically ready-made programs. Curriculum, learning experience management, media use, innovation and technology in 21st century learning management, and measurement make up the four areas of the 21st century early childhood teacher competency development in learning management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.