An Educational Review of Social and Emotional Learning Research in Turkey in the 21st Century

  •  Mehtap Sezgin    


This research aims to examine research on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in Turkey in the 21st century. A qualitative approach was used in the sample of 43 studies conducted in Turkey between January/2001-January/2023, including research articles and theses in SEL. The data was collected through document analysis from the databases of the Turkey National Thesis Center of the Council of Higher Education and Ankara Social Sciences University Library, and the Documentation Department. The data was analyzed by descriptive analysis. Findings proved that SEL measurement tools were developed and adapted as self-reports from primary school to higher education. SEL is correlated with desirable/positive and undesirable/negative traits in children and youth. There are short-term interventions developed and adapted. These programs are effective in improving SEL. As a result, it can be declared that the importance of SEL in raising healthy, successful, and happy generations is accepted in Turkey. However, there is a need for more systematic studies on SEL, both in theory and in practice. First of all, SEL standards should be determined at the national level, considering the cultural sensitivity of the SEL.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.