The State of Geriatric and Gerontology Education in Ghana: A Literature Review

  •  Samuel Asante    
  •  Grace Karikari    


The rise in older population in Ghana is accompanied by challenges that may require trained professionals with specialized knowledge in geriatrics and gerontology to help address. Research, however, points to an existing shortage of geriatric-trained professionals in Ghana; a problem that can be addressed with the education and training of students with interest in aging. This paper offers a review of the state of geriatric and gerontology education in Ghana. The paper specifically examines current geriatric-focused training programs in public universities, and existing national aging policies with implications for the development and implementation of aging education in institutions of higher learning in Ghana. The review findings point to an urgent need for governmental and institutional commitment to promote aging studies as a component of health professions curricula in Ghana. Critical steps to prioritizing and forging a path to instituting geriatric and gerontology education in Ghana are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.