A Model of Teacher Leadership Development on Competency-Based Learning Management for Teachers in Science and Technology Department in Large-Sized Secondary Schools under the Office of the Basic Education Commission in the Northeast

  •  Warachit Promket    
  •  Waro Phengsawat    
  •  Suphirun Jantarak    


The objectives of this Research and Development were to: Develop Competency-based learning management for Teachers of the science and technology Departments in large-sized secondary Schools under the office of the basic education commission in the northeast. The findings were as follows: I) There were five main components in Developing Teacher Leadership in Competency-based, namely 1) Process management as the basis for learning 2) Self-development and peer teachers 3) Development Course 4) Performance measurement and evaluation 5) Characterization as the teacher. II) The necessary needs of teacher leadership for competency-based learning management were as follows: 1) Performance measurement and evaluation PNI Modified = 0.842 and 2) Process management is the basis for learning PNI Modified = 0.297. III) A Model for Developing Teacher Leadership in Competency-based for use of the form, Origin, and significance of form, principle, purpose, The content of the format, The process of form supervision, and follow-up 4) Analysis of results. Pre-test and Post-test Score before training and after training difference are significant at.05.The results of the evaluation of the behavior and leadership of the teacher in the field of learning management and overall performance in the process of management and learning are very high (x=4.026, S.D.=0.699) and In terms of performance measurement and evaluation, the average value is very high (x=4.144, S.D.=0.710), statistically used by one sample t-test Compared with the average criterion of 3.51, it was found that the average score of teacher leadership behavior in the competency-based learning management was higher than the average of 3.51 with a statistical significance at .05.

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