Students’ Evaluating of Online Learning Quality at Al Baha University and Their Satisfaction with Online Courses

  •  Abdulmajid Alsaadoun    


The study aims to explore students’ perceptions of the quality of online courses offered for them at Al-Baha University. The current study mainly explores the quality of online learning courses, students’ satisfaction with online learning courses, and the effect of students’ perceived quality of online learning on their satisfaction with these courses. The quality of online courses was measured based on the following factors: learning outcomes, assessment and measurement, learning resources material, learner interaction, and online course technology. An online survey was used to collect data. Seventy-nine graduate students participated in the study. Findings showed that the overall quality of online education was high, and students were predominantly satisfied with their online courses. Additionally, the study found that gender, learning outcome, learning resources, learner interaction, and online technology were significant predictors of students’ satisfaction. The study includes recommendations for implementing online courses as well as suggestions for future studies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.