The Hashemite University Students’ Preferred Conflict Resolution Styles and Their Relation to Students’ Sex, Grade Point Average and Faculty

  •  Yazid Isa Alshoraty    


The study aimed at identifying students’ preferred conflict resolution styles and their relation to students’ sex, grade point average and faculty at The Hashemite University in Jordan. The descriptive method was used. The data of the study were collected through a questionnaire. The sample of the study consisted of 360 students. The results showed that students used cooperation, compromise, and avoiding respectively in a high degree respectively. Also, the results revealed that there were no statistically significant differences in students’ preferred conflict resolution styles due to their sex, grade point average and faculty. In light of the study results, the researcher recommended providing educational programs to students focusing on skills such as tolerance, critical thinking, teamwork, communication, negotiation, dialogue, decision making, problem solving, and resilience to reduce the possibility for their resort to (forcing) as a preferred conflict resolution style.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.