Investigation of Creative Teaching for High School Mathematics Teachers in Saudi Arabia

  •  Sabah Abdalla Elsayed    
  •  Khamisah Saad Abdul Aziz Al-Abbad    


This study examined the creative teaching for high school mathematics teachers in Saudi Arabia. The original data set included 200 teachers in high public schools in the province of Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The researcher also prepared a creative teaching questionnaire for mathematics teachers in high schools and a qualitative analysis method was employed to analyze the data. The results showed that the items on the questionnaire on creative practices ranged between (3–4.23) with a general average value (3.16) and a standard deviation (0.192), which indicated a median level of creative practice among the high school mathematics teachers in Saudi Arabia. This study suggested that it should be better to prepare training programs for mathematics teachers to acquire creative teaching skills and make them more aware of the importance of creative teaching in their classes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.