The Development of the Charism Model for Personal Administration of School under the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition in Thailand to Create Organization Commitment

  •  Nisachon Ngamwong    
  •  Pimprapa Amornkitpinyo    
  •  Taneenart Na-soontorn    


This research aimed to 1) create a charism model for personnel administration of school under the ‘Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition’ in Thailand, in order to increase the commitment of personnel to the organization, and 2) demonstrate and improve the charism model. The research process was divided into three steps as follows: 1) developing a charism model, 2) demonstrating the model, and 3) enhancing the model. The findings revealed that the charism model for personnel management consisted of two factors. The first factor (charism) included 1) Agape Love, 2) Humility, 3) Altruism, 4) Vision, 5) Trust, 6) Service, and 7) Empowering. The second factor (personnel management) included 1) Planning, Recruitment and Positioning, 2) Promotion, Absence and Evaluation, 3) Performance, 4) Disciplinary Work and History Registration, 5) Code of Professional Ethics, and 6) Other Tasks Assignment. The researcher also developed a charism-based integrated personnel management manual for Saint Emilie school. The demonstration of the results revealed that lecturers and staff were satisfied with personnel management at the highest level. As the researcher considered each variable, the operational aspect had the highest average score, whereas salary, promotion, taking leave and evaluation had the lowest score. The six dimensions of the charism model for improving personnel administration were adjusted accordingly.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.