Impact of Chatbots on Student Learning and Satisfaction in the Entrepreneurship Education Programme in Higher Education Context

  •  Patchara Vanichvasin    


There are many ways to learn how to be entrepreneurs and one of the powerful ways is to learn from successful entrepreneurs. However, it is difficult to reach and interview those entrepreneurs about their best practices in doing business in real lives. Chatbot technology can come into play in mimicking conversation of successful entrepreneurs and providing pre-programmed responses of their best practices drawn from interviews published in newspapers, books and articles. Therefore, this research aimed to examine the impact of chatbots in the form of successful entrepreneurs with 24 first-year graduate students, who enrolled in a master's degree of entrepreneurship education at Kasetsart university. Data analysis involved mean, standard deviation, frequency, percentage, and content analysis. The research findings showed that the developed chatbots were appropriate at a very high level (Mean= 4.75, S.D. = 0.22). The impact of chatbots was positive. Students perceived that their learning was better and their satisfaction was at a very high level (Mean = 4.65, S.D. = 0.44) with thoughts that chatbots were an interesting, innovative, and fun teaching way. This study indicated that chatbot technology positively impacted student learning and satisfaction. It can be implemented as a powerful tool to teach entrepreneurship in entrepreneurship education programmes in higher education context.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.