Metaverse Virtual Learning Management Based on Gamification Techniques Model to Enhance Total Experience

  •  Surasak Srisawat    
  •  Pallop Piriyasurawong    


This research aimed to develop metaverse virtual learning management based on gamification techniques model (MVLM-Gt model) and to evaluate the appropriateness of the model. The research methodology was divided into two parts in accordance with these aims. The first part was the design of the learning step using metaverse virtual learning management and gamification techniques based on the gamification process and active learning theory. The second part consisted of an evaluation of the appropriateness of the model. The MVLM-Gt model was submitted to seven experts followed by an appropriateness questionnaire. The MVLM-Gt model had four core components: the inputs, the learning process, the evaluation, and the feedback. The learning process had five steps: motivation and setting goals, constructing content, discussion and interaction, practice and mission, and summarizing and feedback. After evaluation of the appropriateness of the MVLM-Gt model, the experts said that it was excellent (Mean=4.82, S.D.=0.38). After considering each component, the feedback component had the highest appropriateness value (Mean=5.00, S.D.=0.00), followed by the learning process component (Mean= 4.86, S.D.=0.38), and the evaluation component (Mean=4.71, S.D.=0.49). The results showed that this MVLM-Gt model could be adopted to enhance total experience of students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.