A Research on the Content of the Flute Education Course Carried out in Faculty of Education Music Teacher Education Departments and Faculty of Fine Arts Music Departments in Turkey

  •  M. Ayça Önal    


One of the most important areas of music education is instrument education. Vocational music education, which is within the scope of music education in Turkey, is carried out in Education Faculties, Fine Arts Faculties, and State Conservatories in order to provide individuals with music as a profession. In these institutions, flute education is also included within the scope of “Individual Instrument” courses, where many instruments are available. In the research, the opinions of the lecturers working in different institutions were taken regarding the content of the flute education courses conducted in the Department of Music Education of Fine Arts Education Department and the Music Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Turkey. The research is important in order to show whether the students studying flute have achieved the goals of the flute education program, which they must earn in the four-year period, and that the students’ success in this regard can be increased. In this context, interview questions developed by the researcher and receiving expert opinions were applied to the study group, and the data obtained were tabulated and presented using the content analysis method, one of the qualitative research methods.

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