Google Classroom in TEFL for Basic School Students amid the COVID 19 Pandemic: Teachers’ Reflections

  •  Sumer S. Abou Shaaban    


This paper exposed TEFL basic schoolteachers’ reflections on the use of Google Classroom amid the COVID 19 pandemic. It is a qualitative descriptive field research that tackled 82 TEFL teachers who responded to a reflection instrument which includes four questions tackled: (1) demographic general information, (2) uses of google classroom, (3) challenges teachers faced and ways they use to address these challenges, and (4) suggestions for best uses. The participants’ responses were qualitatively collected and analyzed. The findings showed that most TEFL teachers used Google Classroom for three purposes: evaluating students’ work using various assignments and tests, assigning useful homework and determining the participants in the course. The most common challenges that faced TEFL teachers were the weak e-learning skills they possess and the lack of suitable infrastructure, the huge number of students, thick textbooks and the negative psychological impact of the COVID 19. Several suggestions for the best uses related to lesson presentation, practice stage, follow-up and giving feedback on students’ work, and synchronous meetings were presented by TEFL teachers. The researcher recommended the officials in the Ministry of Education conduct specialized training courses for TEFL teachers to help them use Google Classroom for developing EFL students’ skills. Besides, it is essential to present general standards that guide EFL teachers to construct effective EFL courses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.