Enculturation, Education and Sustainable Development: Understanding the Impact of Culture and Education on Climate Change

  •  Saeid Motevalli    
  •  Narges Saffari    
  •  Mina Tresa Anak Michael    
  •  Fariba Hosesin Abadi    


Education should play an important role in sustainable development. However, we were also faced with the enculturation in the education systems that contribute to the literacy of the environmental issue and challenges in maintaining sustainable development. In this review, we aimed to synthesize the recent research findings on how enculturation was developed among students through social and cultural factors and the role of education for sustainable development. In synthesizing the enculturation in the education system, we found several contributing social and cultural factors such as family cultural background and parental values, school systems, teachers’ beliefs, and the attitudes and appraisal of students used in the different school environments. Co-existing differences were also found when examining the environmental issue literacy among students from different cultures in the studies along with energy literacy and ocean literacy from cross-cultural studies perspectives. Drawing on these findings, we further add on how education for sustainable development in different cultures was integrated and emphasized in their existing school curricula to help other cultures to learn more about how education for sustainable development was developed across cultural contexts.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.