Isolated or Aligned? The Cooperative English Class for Fair Education in Inclusive Teaching Framework

  •  Haoran Chen    


Teaching fairness is very important for inclusive teaching, which requires teachers’ creation of a fair classroom atmosphere and helps students construct their own meaning while learning. In the inclusive teaching framework, the present study descriptively explores the cooperative English class for fair education, especially providing impartial learning opportunities the students with anxiety disorders. The findings of the paper are as follows: teachers should realize the significance and importance of fair education and provide every child with the opportunity to return to problems solving and participate in classroom activities, the classroom atmosphere is the essential factor influencing the direction and validity of teaching processes and the implementation of inclusive education, and the teaching pedagogy should also be considered in the inclusive classroom. In general, it is well suited to inclusive teaching and evaluation although critical pedagogy has some drawbacks to use. The present study is expected to provide a reference for the improvement of fair education in classroom-based English teaching.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.