Problems of Internship of Professional Experience in Teaching Mathematics

  •  Apantee Poonputta    
  •  Autthapon Intasena    


The purposes of the research were (1) to study the problems of internship of teachers in teaching mathematics programs and (2) to compare the problems internship of teachers regarding the classes and educational level. Mixed method research was employed for the study. Quantitative data from 242 sample teachers and interview data from 12 teachers. The research instruments were a questionnaire and an interview form. The statistics used were percentage, mean, standard deviation and t-test. Results of the research were as follows. 1. The research findings showed that the average problem of the teachers about teaching Mathematics was the total and five domains at a moderate level. Whereas, assessment and evaluation at a low level. 2. The findings indicated that the problems of the teachers about teaching Mathematics regarding the secondary school teachers about teaching Mathematics was more than that of the primary school teachers at the .05 level of the statistical significance. Whereas, bachelor degree and post graduate degree was not different.

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