Research on China’s Higher Education Delivery Offshore in the Post-Pandemic Era

  •  Feng Guo    


Offshore education, as an effective way to enhance the international flow of education service and an efficient platform for the higher education interconnection and knowledge sharing all around the world, is a significant part of the “opening-up” strategy of education made by China’s Ministry of Education. However, Chinese universities and colleges which plan to run school offshore are currently facing challenges such as the great changes of global governance, the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, the changes in domestic laws and policies and the greater participation of vocational colleges. This should be attached more importance by researchers and policy makers in order to find an innovative and appropriate mode of international cooperation and exchange in the post-pandemic era. Based on the analysis of definitions of higher education delivery offshore and the theoretical and practical causes of the challenges, Chinese universities should clarify the orientation and direction, attach importance to the development of vocational schools offshore, promote overseas schools to become offshore platform for innovation and international exchange, and enhance the international competitiveness of oversea schools by full advantages of government, universities, enterprises and industry organizations.

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