Investigating the Teaching Practice Framework in the Departments of Primary Education in Greece: A Sociological Approach

  •  Vasiliki-Eleni Selechopoulou    
  •  Dimitris Sakkoulis    
  •  Anna Asimaki    


The aim of this research is to analyze and compare the Teaching Practice (TP) in the Departments of Primary Education (DPE) in Greece, in terms of objectives, structure and evaluation. The data for this research was drawn from the Study Guides of nine Departments that we examined in Greece, and they were analyzed using the technique of document analysis. The analysis utilized B. Bernstein’s theoretical framework. The analysis of the data revealed that the TP framework is differentiated across the Departments in terms of time demarcation and student evaluation. These differentiations illustrate the differences in the Departments’ philosophy and organization. Nevertheless, the chief aim of all the Departments is to familiarize future teachers with their duties and responsibilities, an aim which is achieved through the gradual introduction of the trainees into the school field.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.