Graphic Design Students’ Perspectives and Job Anxiety About Distance Education in the Pandemic Period

  •  Sevtap Kanat    


The coronavirus emerging in China has rapidly become a global epidemic. Many sanctions come to the fore to prevent the spread of the epidemic. One of them is that people stay at home and do not leave the house unless it is necessary. This necessity has affected the education system as in all areas of life. Universities have switched to the distance education system. Unfortunately, many universities do not have sufficient infrastructure or resources to facilitate instantly effective online teaching. In this study, it was aimed to determine the problems faced by the graphic design department students during the distance education process conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic period, their opinions on distance education and their job anxiety levels. This study is important in terms of determining the level of job anxiety faced by graphic designer candidates during their education, taking necessary precautions, supporting them in eliminating these concerns, raising their awareness on the subject and making determinations to reduce job anxiety. It is important to know the thoughts of students towards distance education especially during the pandemic period in order to increase the quality of education. The sample of the research consists of students studying in the field of graphic design in the 2020-2021 academic year in Turkey. The stratified sampling method was used in sample selection. Distance Education Attitude Scale and Job Anxiety Scale were used in the study. The sampling was carried out with the voluntary participation. Research data were collected from Google Forms through a questionnaire consists of personal information and the scales. SPSS 21 (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) statistical software was used for data analysis. The relationship between job anxiety level and distance education satisfaction level is seen that there is almost zero and statistically insignificant. The anxiety score for this group of students is above the average and reasons should be analyze in great detail. On the other hand, distance education attitude score is below the average. The reasons would be related to being unprepared to this period. The most important factor in the occurrence of this situation is being caught unprepared for this process. While job anxiety differed in the level of satisfaction with the program, the distance education attitude differed in the education level of the mother, the education level of the father, grades and the level of satisfaction with the program. Although the relationship between the two scales was not significant in the study, it was observed that the distance education limitation factor was in a negative but weak and significant relationship between all factors of the job anxiety scale.

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