Study on Internationalization Strategy of China’s New Business Education in the Background of Digital Economy

  •  Jia Xie    
  •  Tianshuo Zhang    


As the global economy is undergoing transformation and upgrading in the background of the digital economy, it leads to a reformation of business education in the new context, which brings the concept of new business education in China. One of the significant features of the new business education is multidisciplinary teaching and learning. Meanwhile, it is closely related to strategic decision-making in disciplinary program design, research design, faculty recruitment, teaching models, and international strategies. Benefited from the internationalization of higher education in past years, traditional business education has gained an advantage in introducing international students, teachers, and resources and building global cooperation platforms, including international visits and multiple studies in an international context. However, it cannot meet the demand for cultivating talents in the era of the digital economy. This paper starts with the connotation and feature of new business education, discussing internationalization strategy with a fresh perspective and unique positioning. Meanwhile, it aims to provide a theoretical and practical value for China’s business schools with internationalization strategy making in the background of the digital economy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.