Reviewing of Teachers’ Professional Competencies for Inclusive Education

  •  Şule Fırat Durdukoca    


This study aims to review the professional competencies of classroom teachers for inclusive education according to different variables, to obtain information about teachers’ in-class practices and to evaluate their perceptions of professional competencies in depth. The research is a mixed-method study and carried out using the trilinguation. The quantitative data were collected from 203 classroom teachers and the qualitative data from 58 teachers. The data were collected using the “Professional Competency Scale for Teachers on Inclusion” and a semi-structured interview form. The validity and reliability studies of the scale were repeated. The research determined that the professional competencies of participating teachers regarding inclusive education are at a high level, professional competency does not differ according to the variables of gender and seniority, and the professional competency levels of teachers regarding inclusive education differ according to the number of students affected by disability. Besides, it was determined that participant teachers carried out similar classroom practices for their students affected by disability and generally, had a perception that not every student could learn.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.