Social Studies Teacher Candidates’ Views About Information Technologies and Material Used in Social Studies Lesson

  •  Mehmet ORAN    
  •  Mehmet Akif KARALI    


The research was prepared in order to reveal the opinions of social studies teacher candidates on the use of information technologies and materials in social studies lessons. The study group of the research consists of teacher candidates studying in the department of social studies teaching at Cukurova University in Turkey. The research was prepared in accordance with phenomenology, one of the qualitative research designs. A structured interview form, which was previously created by taking expert opinion, was used to collect data. There are 5 questions that complement each other in the interview form. The data obtained from the interview form were subjected to content analysis. The reliability of the study was calculated as 95.5% according to the reliability formula of Miles and Huberman (1994). It was concluded that the prospective teachers who participated in the research supported the use of information technologies in the social studies course. It was seen that the tools in the classroom environment as technology and material were expressed by the majority of the participants.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.