The Relationships Between Internet Addiction, Social Appearance Anxiety and Coping with Stress

  •  Umay Bilge Baltacı    
  •  Melike Yılmaz    
  •  Zeliha Traş    


The purpose of this study is to examine internet addiction in terms of social appearance anxiety and strategies for coping with stress. The dependent variable of the research is internet addiction, and its independent variables are social appearance anxiety and strategies for coping with stress. The study group of the research consists of 481 undergraduate and postgraduate students as 318 women (66.1%) and 163 men (33.9%). In order to collect data in the study, Short Version of Young’s Internet Addiction Test, The Social Appearance Anxiety Scale, The Stress Coping Strategy Scale, and Personal Information Form were used. Descriptive statistics, correlation and multiple regression analysis were used to analyze the data. A positive relationship was found between internet addiction and social appearance anxiety of university students. While there is a positive relationship between submissive approach and helpless approach, which are the subscale of coping strategies, and internet addiction of university students, there is a negative relationship between self-confident approach and optimistic approach. The results of the research revealed that the submissive approach and self-confident approach, which are the subscale in for coping with stress, social appearance anxiety are predictive of internet addiction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.